Here's the video we made for Pale Blue Dot featuring a disco spaceship, pug overlord, alien soul train & a special cameo by the band's biggest inspiration, Carl Sagan.

The Bay Bridged blogged about our video for Pale Blue Dot, saying "It's a lot of fun, and definitely worth five minutes (even if you aren't nerdy as hell.)"  Check out the article over here.



Starring Pale Blue Dot & Pablo the Pug.

Directed by Sean Wells & Charles Choo
Director of Photography / Steadicam Operator: Brent Johnson
Edited by Sean Wells
3D modeling by Eric Weber, Charles Choo, Sean Wells
3D animation by Charles Choo
Compositing & Color Grading by Sean Wells
Wardrobe provided by Elliot Giffis & Issabelle Viengxay
Behind the scenes footage provided by Gabe Levenson
Warp Tunnel element provided by Beeple (
RED camera provided by Jim Cummings

Pablo's Posse featuring Glenn, Jeremy, Matt, Dan, Sofie, Laura, Jeanine, Ro-Z, Luke, Gabe, Charlotte, Haley, Robin & Mickey.

Check out the rest of the EP at

Sean Wells